Building the tech to finance Africa’s SMEs

Small and mid-size agribusiness finance is crucial for Africa's growth. Yet it is one of the most challenging sectors to fund. Our technology makes funding agriculture easier and cheaper.
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Become a Lending Partner and Slash Origination Costs

Partner with us to access a pool of pre-vetted SMEs. Obtain comprehensive KYC, financial, and compliance data for efficient credit appraisals.
Originate SMEs ready for funding
Retain and grow customers

Real-time Insights for Optimal Portfolio Management

Leverage our technology for automated, tailored monthly data collection. Gain insights to effectively manage and grow your SME portfolio.

Early-Warning Systems for Loan Book Risk Reduction

Our technology and data engine empowers real-time monitoring of your loan book, allowing timely intervention to prevent defaults.
Manage the performance of portfolio
Retain and grow customers

Expand Sales and Financing Options for SME Clients

Utilise our diverse finance options to enhance the sales of various products and services needed by SMEs.