Unlock the value of unpaid sales invoices

Are long payment terms from customers hurting your cash flow? Unlock the value of your unpaid sales invoices through Invoice Finance from pumpkn. Let the cash flow, so the business can grow!
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what we offer

Submit your receivable  invoices. Access the cash within 24h.

Improve your cash flow with a short-term loan

Unlock your cash flow

Be done with long payment terms. If you supply to reputable buyers with strong credit records, get approved for early payment of your unpaid invoices.
Apply for a business loan in minutes

Fast & simple application

Apply online in minutes and receive an answer within less than 10 business days. No paperwork. No commitment. Free approval. 
Flexible credit for agriculture

Flexible financing

Once approved, submit unpaid invoices from R50,000 to R5,000,000, due in less than 180 days . Get paid within 24 hours of submission.
How it works

Get approved for free in 3 eay steps

Qualify for a loan

Apply online

Sign up, identify your business, complete the application. Less than 10 mins.
Apply for a loan online

Get approved

If approved, receive an offer within 10 business days.
Access your loan

Access your funds

Submit outstanding invoices. Get paid within 24 hours.
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All you need to know

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:
Qualify for a loan
Minimum 1 year of operation and R1,000,000 in annual revenue
Qualify for a loan
Registered and Compliant business (CIPC and SARS)
Qualify for a loan
Operate with a business bank account
Qualify for a loan
Outstanding invoices from reputable buyers with strong credit record
To apply, you will be asked to:
Qualify for a loan
Provide your South African ID number (as Director)
Qualify for a loan
Provide your agribusiness CIPC registration number
Qualify for a loan
Complete a short application form and submit the required documents
Qualify for a loan
Link or submit 6 months of business bank statements
Qualify for a loan
Agree to Pumpkn conducting a personal and business credit check
Qualify for a loan
Submit copies of the relevant invoices
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