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Fuel your business’s growth with Pumpkn’s Asset Finance. Acquire a productive, moveable asset and repay it in just 18 monthly instalments.
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what we offer

Acquire a moveable business asset. Pay for it in 18 monthly instalments.

Improve your cash flow with a short-term loan

Invest in growth

Looking to scale up production? Need new machinery or equipment? Simply choose the asset to finance, submit a quote, and let us handle the rest. Simplify your journey to enhanced productivity with Pumpkn.
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Fast & simple application

Apply online in minutes and receive an answer within less than 10 business days. No paperwork. No commitment. Free approval. 
Flexible credit for agriculture

Flexible finance

Upon approval, pay a monthly installment, inclusive of insurance. In just 18 months, you will own the asset outright. Your path to asset ownership made simple with Pumpkn
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Sign up, identify your business, complete the application. Less than 10 mins.
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If approved, receive an offer within 10 business days.
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Our partner finances the asset which gets delivered to your business premises.
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Application requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:
Qualify for a loan
Minimum 1 year of operation and R1,000,000 in annual revenue
Qualify for a loan
Registered and Compliant business (CIPC and SARS)
Qualify for a loan
Operate with a business bank account
Qualify for a loan
Only for moveable, productive business assets (no vehicles, fixed property or infrastructure)
To apply, you will be asked to:
Qualify for a loan
Provide your South African ID number (as Director)
Qualify for a loan
Provide your agribusiness CIPC registration number
Qualify for a loan
Complete a short application form, submit the required documents and the supplier quote for the relevant business asset(s).
Qualify for a loan
Link or submit 6 months of business bank statements
Qualify for a loan
Agree to Pumpkn conducting a personal and business credit check
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