We are pumpkn.io

MSMEs have the potential to create millions of jobs and make a positive impact in Africa. However, they often struggle to get the funding they need to grow and thrive. This is where we come in. We use cutting-edge technology to assess and mitigate credit risk and facilitate funding for MSMEs.

The problem

A gigantic funding gap, hindering African MSMEs growth

45 M

475 $B
Finance Gap
> $10K
Funding Need per MSME
Our mission

Leveraging technologies and data to bridge the SME finance gap

Increase financial literacy and inclusion
We strive to debunk jargon and simplify finance for African entrepreneurs.
Transform African MSMEs into a fundable asset class
We de-risk MSMEs and reduce the costs to acquire and finance them.
Develop appropriate financial products for MSMEs
We believe current financial products are simply not fit for MSMEs and aim to bring alternative credit solutions to unleash their growth.
Our difference

For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and bankers



We have invested in, built and operated SMEs across multiple sectors. We have also spent time as bankers, developing and distributing financial products.


We focus on commercial MSMEs active in the agriculture, processing and manufacturing value chains. We're different because we can add sector specific value.


From West to East, North to South, we have experienced working with MSMEs in different markets and understand local contexts and challenges.

Are you championing SMEs too?

We are building a growing network of strategic partners and funders to finance and grow SMEs. Please contact us to explore opportunities to partner with pumpkn.io
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