About pumpkn

We're on a mission to finance Africa's SMEs.

Our North Star

Facilitate over $1 billion in financing to 150,000+ African SMEs by 2030

SMEs have the potential to create millions of jobs and have a catalytic effect across the African continent. Unfortunately, they often lack the finances to grow. We use industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to assess and reduce credit risk to make finance available to SMEs in the agricultural and agro-processing sectors.
The Problem

The funding gap hindering African SMEs growth is huge

SME Finance Gap
Funding Need per SME
How do we resolve it?

Leveraging technologies and data to bridge the SME finance gap

Increase financial literacy and inclusion
We strive to simplify the jargon and financial management for African entrepreneurs.
Transform African SMEs into a fundable asset class
We de-risk SMEs and reduce the costs to acquire and finance them.
Develop appropriate financial products for SMEs
We believe current financial products are simply not fit for SMEs and aim to bring fit-for-purpose credit solutions to unleash their growth.
Our Team
Zaheer Dindar
Co-founder & CEO
Jérôme van Innis
Co-founder & COO
Fazlur Pandor
Co-founder & CPO
Ben Charumbira
VP Product & Engineering
Oluwatobi Odekunle
Fullstack Engineer
Yanga Pandela
User Engagement Lead